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The clock ticking loudly

Me, a book, a pen

Everything blank.

Why wouldn't she come!

I called out to her

My poemfish...

I sat there waiting

Tick tock, tick tock

Still waiting

Tick tock

Tick tock

Tick tock !!

And then,

Something flashed by,

A faint "Hello"

It all became colorful.

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink.

My frustration slipped into oblivion.

We spoke and spoke

My body multi-tasked

The ears listened

And the hands wrote

The sights and adventures

Her journey translated into words.

Hours seemed like minutes

And minutes seemed like seconds.

Before we knew it

Our time was up.

She looked at me wistfully

And filled with regret!

It all became white and black again

But this time,

I looked down

And my page was full.

She came to me!

My poemfish.

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